"People First" language is important to people with developmental disabilities -- and to all of us.

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  • The Arc Builds Bridge for Adults in Need (SF Examiner) (URL), 01/13/2015
  • Season of Promise 2014—Support Quality Arc Services: Donate Today! (URL), 12/01/2014
  • Annual Report FY 2013-2014 (PDF), 11/10/2014
  • New Video Debuts: “The Future’s So Bright”  CLICK HERE (URL), 10/23/2014
  • Arc Clients: Complete Your Interest Survey (URL), 10/02/2014
  • CEO Report: State of The Arc San Francisco (PDF), 02/07/2014
  • Summer/Fall Session New Classes 2013 (PDF), 07/01/2013
  • SF Chronicle “Filling in the Gap: SF Agency Pilots Health Study” (PDF), 04/29/2013
  • Artists from The Arc at Cafe Press-SHOP NOW! (URL), 03/07/2013
  • “Turning Point” Winter 2013 (PDF), 02/27/2013
  • “Special Love Overcomes Challenges,” SF Chronicle (URL), 02/27/2013
  • Friends of The Arc Nov/Dec 2012(PDF) NEW STORIES & PHOTOS! (URL), 11/27/2012
  • WATCH NEW VIDEO “I’m Ready!” (debuted at 2012 Arc Angel Breakfast) (URL), 10/23/2012
  • Turning Point w/ ANNUAL REPORT FY2011-2012 (PDF), 08/03/2012
  • Workers from The Arc Learn at PG&E (URL), 06/11/2012
  • Inspiration Series Leader Celebration: SEE OUR PHOTOS! (URL), 05/18/2012
  • 2012 GLEEful! WorkLife Awards SEE PHOTOS (URL), 04/12/2012
  • The Arc Autism Workshop (PDF), 03/15/2012
  • WATCH NEW VIDEO “We Can Do It!” (URL), 10/24/2011

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  • Friends of The Arc Summer 2014 (URL), 08/21/2014
  • Turning Point Newsletter March 2014 (PDF), 03/12/2014
  • Tech & Workers with Disabilities (SF Chronicle/SF Gate) (URL), 03/11/2014
  • PG&E Interns from The Arc Benefit PG&E in Many Ways, PG&E Currents (URL), 12/09/2013
  • SFO Launches Disability Awareness Training (URL), 12/09/2013
  • What’s Cookin’? Client News from The Arc San Mateo County (PDF), 11/14/2013
  • WATCH NEW VIDEO “Dare To Dream” (URL), 10/10/2013
  • Turning Point Newsletter with FY2012-2013 Annual Report (PDF), 09/28/2013
  • SF Agency to Pilot CDC Study (URL), 05/31/2013
  • Friends of The Arc Spring 2013 (URL), 04/08/2013
  • ArtReach Times Nov. Newsletter (PDF), 11/20/2012
  • Friends of The Arc Fall 2012 (PDF) (URL), 10/02/2012
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  • Project SEARCH a Win-Win for PG&E, Interns and The Arc (PDF), 04/06/2012
  • Friends of The Arc, Spring 2012 (PDF), 04/04/2012
  • March: Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month Things You Can Do! (PDF), 03/15/2012
  • The Arc San Francisco Announces 2012 WorkLIfe Award Winners (PDF), 02/16/2012
  • The Client Advisory Committee Announces Person of the Month: Peter Magowan (PDF), 12/22/2011
  • Holiday “Gift Cards for Clients” Drive a Success (URL), 12/01/2011
  • CEO Update: New Client Housing & Other News (PDF), 11/23/2011
  • NEW PHOTOS: Meet, Greet and Dance! October 2011 (URL), 10/27/2011
  • Turning Point, Summer 2011 (PDF), 08/09/2011
  • FINDS Report, June 2011 “Still in the Shadows With Their Future Uncertain” (PDF), 06/14/2011
  • 2011 Employer Survey (URL), 06/02/2011
  • Friends of The Arc May-June 2011 (PDF), 05/27/2011
  • Parents in Partnership, May 2011, “Quality of Life” (PDF), 04/28/2011
  • Friends of The Arc April 2011 (PDF), 04/12/2011
  • Parents in Partnership, April 2011, “Respect” (PDF), 04/04/2011
  • Friends of The Arc, January & February 2011 (PDF), 02/02/2011
  • NISH Academy “Quality Work Environment” Seminar (PDF), 10/22/2010
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month (PDF), 09/30/2010
  • The Arc US Disability Policy Seminar: FY2011 Budget (PDF), 04/27/2010
  • “Art of Different Shapes Show” Photos (PDF), 04/01/2010
  • Arc Advocates Fired Up on Day of Action, March 4, 2010 (PDF), 03/09/2010



The Future’s So Bright (10:56)

This warm, short film follows Terrell, Jackson and Maggie as they move through daily life using their wits, charm and considerable skills to succeed at work and life, changing perceptions of what people with disabilities can do in the process. (Click Here)

Dare to Dream (12:07)

Dare to Dream highlights clients of The Arc at work, enjoying The Arc’s “Friends Like Me” Recreation Program and daring to dream about a future with new possibilities.
(Click here)

I’m Ready!” (00:02:00)

A look at salesforce.com’s success with employees hired from The Arc San Francisco.
(Click here.)

“I’m Ready!” (00:09:15)

Watch this compelling mini-doc highlighting clients of The Arc San Francisco who are empowered to turn disabilities into abilities.
(Click here.)

We Can Do It! 2.10 (00:02:10)

We Can Do It! is a profile of Marie, an employee at salesforce.com, who demonstrates the real value of having employees with developmental disabilities in the workforce.
(Click here.)

We Can Do It (00:10:38)

Clients share their struggles and achievements as they work toward independence in the community.
(Click here.)

Road Trip to the Awards (00:01:19)

Arc clients make the trip to receive Focus Film Festival’s Spirit of the Festival Award for their documentary “Independence.”
(Click here.)

WorkLife Awards 2009 (00:08:19)

A celebration of the work and life achievements of our clients and the outstanding businesses who employ them.
(Click here.)

“Don’t Dis-COUNT Us” Self-Advocacy Conference, 9/09 (02:22)

Clients make the most of San Francisco’s 13th annual self-advocacy conference. (Click here.)

Wanted: A Life of My Own, 9/09 (00:09:39)

This video highlights the struggles on the road to independence by people with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. Shot by client-filmmakers from The Arc of San Francisco.
(Click here.)

Ordinary to Extraordinary Fashion Show,          The Arc’s ArtReach Studios, 4/09 (2:12)

Green fashions hit the runway at ArtReach. (Click here.)

Independence, by Clients of The Arc of San Francisco, 4/08 (12:15)

Documentary by clients explores being independent through interviews and commentary. (Click here.)

SF Giants and Clients of The Arc PSA, 3/08 (0:43)

Hiring talented clients of The Arc is a win-win for the San Francisco Giants and your business, too. (Click here.)

All Things Connect, 9/08 (4:03)

(Click here.)

Evolve, 9/06 (9:31)

(Click here.)

100 Jobs in 100 Days PSA, 6/05 (0:42)

(Click here.)

Our Mission, 2/04 (0:45)

(Click here.)

The Power Of Can, 9/03 (9:18)

(Click here.)

The “R” Word (00:01:00)


Disability Issues at the White House (00:4:11)

President Obama tells members of The Arc “I’ve got your back” in a special White House briefing with CEO Dr. Glenn Motola and others meeting on disability issues at the White House.

(Click here.)

“More Jobs” says The Arc (Bay Sundays CBS 5) (00:05:44)

The Arc San Francisco’s Alan Fox, COO, and Ellen Hanscom, chair of our Business Advisory Council, talk about employment and people with disabilities on CBS 5’s Bay Sunday.
(Click here.)

Megan Ups her Game

Here’s Megan improving her computer skills as a volunteer at the Arthritis Foundation. WATCH VIDEO

Briana’s Story: 2010 Arc Angel Breakfast (00:03:52)

Watch Video

Briana and her instructor Pam tell Briana’s story about growing up with developmental disabilities and how her life has changed since joining The Arc. This video debuted at the 2010 Arc Angel Breakfast.

Maria Shriver and Best Buddies Honor Carmelite and SF Mayor (00:01:45)

Watch Video

Check out Carmelite Buenaventura on the podium with First Lady Maria Shriver at the Best Buddies Reception.

Tony’s Hookups Slammin’ Jammin’ Party (00:02:47)

Watch Video
Members of Tony’s Hookups hang out and have some karaoke-bingo-dance-party fun.

Having Fun! (00:03:44)

Watch Video

Client-created short on the importance of making your own fun.

Emergency Response Client Video (00:07:28)

Watch Video
What to Do, Where to Go

Band practice is interrupted by an earthquake! Follow the group as they make their escape to safety in this client-created docu-drama that shows us how to respond.

Don’t Dis-COUNT Us Out! (00:01:23)

Watch Video
Speaking Up!
Clients made the most of San Francisco’s 13th Annual Self-Advocacy Conference, a full day of workshops and breakout sessions, plus a little r&r and entertainment. See if you recognize anyone you know in these clips!

Clinton’s Literary Class Graduation 6/2009 (00:01:23)

Watch Video
Clinton Rutland and other clients from The Arc celebrate graduation from Literacy Class with their tutors and friends from Episcopal Community Services.