Center for Health & Wellness

The Arc San Francisco Center for Heath & Wellness provides services and support is designed to yield better health outcomes for at-risk clients who can benefit from ongoing monitoring, regular screenings and better fitness and education. Due to intellectual or cognitive impairments, many individuals with developmental disabilities cannot comprehend the need for health improvement or access proper treatment on their own. The resulting illnesses can accelerate the loss of whatever independence has been achieved. 

Through our services, Arc clients of all ages as well as individuals with developmental disabilities in the community get support to live healthier lives with the help of a dedicated health advocate, a part-time nurse, health case management and healthy living classes. Our Health Advocates assist clients in doctor-patient communication, provide helpful health history, ensure clients get timely screenings, follow medical treatment plans and get the proper primary, vision, dental and podiatry care necessary.

Individual advocacy plans vary, but always include a balance of supports for achieving optimal wellness. In the current model, our services focus on five areas:

  • Health Screening and Advocacy
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Nutrition Education
  • Healthcare Education Outreach
  • Hospital Stay Support
  • End of Life Planning

For more information about our health advocacy and wellness services, email Jennifer Dresen, Director, Center for Health & Wellness, (415) 255-7200 x158.